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Carltavious Wells

Class Twenty-Three
The desire for Carltavious to join Progressive Black Men, Incorporated was due to the fact of everyone that’s apart of this organization has a plan and want a great future and the best way for someone to find and improve themselves is surrounding themselves with like minded individuals that will push you to become the best version of you.

About Carltavious Wells

Hometown: Pahokee, Florida 

Major: Healthcare Administration

Graduation Year: 2026

Carltavious Wells is a first generation college student coming from a small town of Pahokee, Florida. While in high school, Carltavious participated in Football and Baseball. One thing he enjoys the most is community service - the smile that appears on others face when lending a hand excites him. But now, he's looking forward of accomplishing my dream of becoming a Healthcare Administrator in order to continue to make an impact on Individual’s lives.

Roles Held

Since his induction, Carltavious has participated as a general member in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated, , making great strides towards his community.

During his time at the University of Florida, Carltavious continues to work hard as a diligent student.

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