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Saugat Shrestha

Class Twenty-Four
“It’s never no, it’s always not yet.”
Saugat joined Progressive Black Men, Incorporated to find himself a brotherhood that feels at home for him and accepts him for who he is. In addition, he wanted to be a part of one of the most prestigious orgs at the University of Florida.

About Saugat Shrestha

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

Major: Journalism W/ Specialization in Sports & Media

Graduation Year: 2027

Saugat loves playing basketball, listening to all types of music, preferably rap. His favorite basketball team is the Portland Trail Blazers, and his favorite rapper is Kendrick Lamar. He aspires to be a sideline reporter or an on-air NBA analyst in the next 10 years.

Roles Held

Saugat has participated as a general member in Progressive Black Men .

During his time at the University of Florida, Saugat

ESPN Gainesville intern, EWB: UF Nepal Communications & Fundraising team member, and member of Nepali Student Association.

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