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Joel Ledgister

Class Twenty-Four
"Sleep is the cousin of death, no plans to doze off"
Joel joined Progressive Black Men Incorporated, and the reason all stems down to one word: Brotherhood. During his first year at UF, he felt like he was missing something. He did not have a support system or a close-knit group of people that he could rely on. Progressive Black Men, Incorporated was the answer to all of his problems and has brought him a group of brothers that he trusts with his life.

About Joel Ledgister

Hometown: Miramar, Florida

Major: Philosophy

Graduation Year: 2026

Joel Ledgister is a Philosophy major on the pre-law track. He is interested in basketball, reading, and music.

Roles Held

Joel has participated as a general member in Progressive Black Men, as well as the Academic Chair for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Council, Co-Fundraising Director for Jamaican Student Association, Production Team for FISS, Community Affairs Committee for Black Student Union

During his time at the University of Florida, Joel

has participated in organizations such as JAMSA, FISS, and bsu

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