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David Favors

Class Twenty-Two
"...All you need is the will to take that first step."
Always having the desire to grow and be better than the person he was yesterday, David joined Progressive Black Men, Incorporated to help build and push himself into being someone that lends a hand to those around him and to be a leader that gives back.  With the help of his brothers, he is making progress every day.

About David Favors

Hometown: Tampa, Florida 

Major: Sustainability and Built Environment

Minors: Innovation, Computer Science

Graduation Year: 2024

David is a guy that likes to follow his heart and is always pushing to be better than the man he sees in the mirror. He also enjoys a wide variety of hobbies that include working out, playing games, drawing, and acting. David loves the idea of trying new things as he knows life is what you make it - taking risks at any step of the way.

Ever since joining Progressive Black Men, Incorporated, David has become much more confident and collaborative with those around him.  Having the opportunity to be alongside other black men has granted him a sense of belonging knowing that like-minded individuals will help him push for a better future. Being able to have a group of those whom he can call brothers reassures him - knowing that he will never be alone and will always have these wonderful men rooting for him in his corner.

Roles Held

David has participated in many positions in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated such as:

  • Historian

  • Webmaster

  • Co-Paraphernalia Chair

During his time at the University of Florida, David also had a hand in various positions:

  • Machen Florida Opportunity Scholars Peer Mentor and Student Assistant

  • Social Chair, House Liasion, and Secretary of Southern Scholarship Foundation

  • Member of The National Society of Black Engineers

  • Member of the Green Building Club

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