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David Mcleod

Class Twenty-Two
"Be comfortable doing the uncomfortable." 
David wanted to do community service and felt like Progressive Black Men, Incorporated was where he belonged. David has always believed that people from the African Diaspora are poorly perceived as a community as a result, he aligned with Progressive Black Men, Incorporated
’s goal to rectify that. The brotherhood was an added bonus as he now has men who support and motivate him to become a better man and successful in life.

About David Mcleod

Hometown: Miramar, Florida 

Major: Health Science

Minors: African American Studies

Graduation Year: 2025

David McLeod is a man of progress.

Roles Held

David has participated in the following position in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated such as:

  • Membership Chair

During his time at the University of Florida, David also took part in various positions:

  • Leadership Development Institute

  •  Soul Fest Assistant Director

  • Treasurer of the Jamaican American Student Association

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