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Christopher Jean

Class Twenty-Three
"P.R.I.D.E Primary Reason I Die Early" - Local Pastor
Christopher wished to join Progressive Black Men, Incorporated because he has never truly had any male roles or figures in his life, as his family primarily consist of woman and he has generally been surrounded by mostly woman through the nursing major. He saw this as an opportunity to put himself out more and actual put effort towards helping a community. He says Woman's Appreciation Day is something that really appeals to him since he always strived to show his appreciation for woman.

About Christopher Jean

Hometown: Boynton, Florida 

Major: Nursing

Graduation Year: 2026

Christopher's hobbies include playing videos across all platforms, building PCs, playing the piano, harmonica, and learning the guitar, He skateboards, and enjoy occasional anime. His current asperations are to further his nursing degree as he currently works as an LPN. The goal is to obtain his RN and work as a travel nurse before obtaining my masters with a specialty in anesthesiology. Then if he feel up to it go to med school to become an anesthesiologist and start his own practice.

Roles Held

Since his induction, Christopher has participated as a general member in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated,, making strides in his community while also undergoing the Co-Fundraising Chair.

During his time at the University of Florida, Christopher has upheld his role in: ​​


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