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Di'Shon Oshea McGlon

Class Twenty-Three
“You gotta be a beast, that’s the only way they’ll respect you.” – Nicki Minaj
Di'Shon wanted to join Progressive Black Men, Incorporated with the purpose to give back to the community and serve in the community. Especially as being a Gainesville native,, he wanted to help impact my community and show that there is still hope and people fighting for the care of Gainesville communities - especially his East Gainesville community. In addition, the fact that Di'Shon had enough male friends to count on one hand, He says being around a bunch of likewise men was an additional perk that makes it all so special.

About Di'Shon McGlon

Hometown: Gainesville, Florida 

Major: Zoology/Biology

Graduation Year: 2023

Di'Shon is a bright and happy spirited kid, born and raised here in Gainesville, Florida where he has seen just about everything under the sun. Yes, 'kid', that’s because his hobbies include well pretty much anything fun. He's spontaneous and if you need someone to do it, He's usually your guy. If he is found by himself, which is very rare, He is usually going to be doing a puzzle, coloring or some artistic craft, or something fun and entertaining like dancing because he hardly ever gets bored. Di'Shon aspires to be many things but his main goal is to be a world renown Zoologist who one day will own his own zoo. He always dream big he says it gives him a reason to keep going.

Roles Held

Since his induction, Di'Shon has participated as a general member in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated, , making great strides towards his community, while also working as the Co-20th Anniversary Reunion Chair.

During his time at the University of Florida, Di'Shon took part in many roles such as: 

  • BSU Member

  • 2019-20 & 2020-21 FISS Street Team Member

  • 2020 PAACT Peer Leader

  • BMEN Cohort III

  • 2019-20 LDI

  • 2022 Phantom X Dance Troupe

  • 2022-23 HOPE Meals Task Force

  • Take Stock in Children Mentor 

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