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Gregroire Lamonge

Class Seventeen
"To whom is given, much is required." (Luke 12:48)
Growing up as a token in every room he was in, Gregroire Lamonge wanted brothers more than anything and knew college would be the perfect time to make the change in his life. Gregroire always wanted to surround himself around a family of succeeding black men, this is where he gets introduced to Progressive Black Men, Incorporated through a member in Class 16, Gregroire states his life has been on '100' ever since.

About Gregroire Lamonge

Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida 

Major: Bachelor of Science in Public Health

Minors: Health Disparities in Society

Graduation Year: 2020

Ever since joining Progressive Black Men, Incorporated, Gregroire constantly grew and learned from himself as a person. Through the guidance he received from his brothers, he became an advanced version of himself which granted him the confidence that allowed him to be comfortable when making big decisions for himself. This confidence has led to one of his biggest decisions in life which were changing his major - which worked out for him since he has his master's degree today.

Through Progressive Black Men, Inc., Gregroire was able to obtain his hobby of graphic design, which started as he gained his paraphernalia role despite having zero prior experience. With encouragement from his brothers, his hobby is now a side business of his that he still partakes in today.  He gave back to PBM by serving as President and leaving a legacy that impacted the organization today.

Roles Held

Gregroire has participated in many positions in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated such as:

  • Academic Excellence Chair

  • Paraphernalia Chair

  • Treasurer

  • President

During his time at the University of Florida, Gregoire also took part in various positions:

  • UF Streetlight

  • Public Health Student Association Vice President

  • Student Representative for PHHP Curriculum Committee

  • Student Representative for PHHP Accreditation

  • Secretary Black Public Health Student Association

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