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Nana Otoo

Class Twenty-One
"Work smarter not harder. So, when your body grows old, you can still be productive."
Nana wanted to join Progressive Black Men Incorporated because of the sheer brotherhood and the impact that was made not only on campus but the overall neighboring communities. Prior to that, Nana was not exposed to such a group of close Black men who were very close to one another, and still created a positive impact in the community. When Nana came across the University of Florida Chapter of Progressive Black Men Inc., he knew he had to join.

About Nana Otoo

Hometown: Newark, New Jersey 

Major: Philosophy

Minors: African American Studies

Graduation Year: 2024

Nana's first and foremost aspiration is to make an impact on those around him and those yet to come. He aspires to be a medium of hope and mentorship for the youth in our community. When it comes to career-wise, Nana finds himself very interested in American legalities, especially as an Attorney. However, his time is not fully dictated by those aspirations as Nana also does find himself enjoying the pleasures of working out, playing sports, and being surrounded by his closest friends and brothers of Progressive Black Men, Inc. Wholeheartedly, Nana's interest lies in both the connections he has or will make with my future work clients/colleagues and the people around me Nana calls family.

Roles Held

Nana has participated in many positions in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated such as:

  • Parliamentarian

  • Brotherhood Chair

  • Community Service Chair

  • Class 21 and Class 22 Women’s Appreciation Day Planning Committee (Host).

During his time at the University of Florida, Nana also took part in various positions:

  • Head Director- Student Government Association Gators Innovator 

  • Parliamentarian- Black Student Union,

  • Juvenile Justice Chair- UF NAACP, PAACT Leader

  • BSU Leadership and Development Scholar

  • Secretary and Social Chair- Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated.

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