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Zachary Sayers

Class Twenty-Three
"Yesterday you said tomorrow... Just do it"
Zachary wanted to join Progressive Black Men Incorporated to contribute to the mission of changing the negative perceptions people have of black men in America. He also wanted to inspire the youth of minority communities to strive for academic excellence as a means to financial liberation. By joining a brotherhood of strong black men, he believes anything is possible.

About Zachary Sayers

Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida 

Major: Computer Science

Graduation Year: 2026

In his free time, Zachary likes to play video games, with Call of Duty being my favorite franchise. He also likes going to the gym and playing basketball. He says learning about and using technology is very exciting for him which is why and he likes to code. Although he hasn't been in the best light in the past years, I'm a huge Kanye fan and think he's one of the greatest and most influential artist of all time. I'm more of a homebody and appreciate hangouts more than partying.

Roles Held

Since his induction, Zachary has participated as a general member in Progressive Black Men, Incorporated, while also being Co-Public Relations Chair

During his time at the University of Florida, Zachary continues to work hard as a diligent student.

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